What animals live in the desert?

The desert is home to many species of birds, camels, desert cats, foxes, mice, spiders, beetles. As not many people live deep in the desert, it became animals’ world. While for some of them – like camels – human beings are friends, for others we are just intruders disturbing their peace.

What animals live in the desert?

The most rare, but very sweet sight, is a fennec fox. These adorable animals don’t like people and would do anything to avoid us. They dig corridors as long as tens kilometers, and build their homes deep in the ground, constructing many entrances so that you never know where a fennec will show up.

In the summertime, when, due to very high temperatures, we do not recommend to come, one can come across a scorpio or see a trace of a snake. They are not dangerous as long as you know how to behave. Our experienced guides know where to set up a camp and which way to choose to stay safe. We have been organizing desert trips since 2005 and we always take all precautions needed; thanks to it we never had any emergency.

Whole year round you can enjoy bird songs, watch the beetles, butterflies, and – of course – camels, especially close to desert wells. Near the well it’s possible to see even more than a hundred camels being watered by their herdsmen.


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