A desert journey grants not only stunning views, but also watching continuous landscape changes. It can be only a few hour walk between a hamada – rocky plateau, an oasis full of palm trees with river meandering between them, and ergs – areas of dunes as high as 300 metres.

The desert is still home to 40 families, living traditional nomadic life. It also hosts many unique species.



Ergs, regs, hamadas… types of terrain in the desert

The greatest disbelief about the desert is that there is nothing there but sand covering a flat surface stretching to the horizon. The desert is not that monotonous. It has many faces and its landscape is changing every hour when you walk through it.


What animals live in the desert?

The desert is home to many species of birds, camels, cats, foxes, mice, spiders and beetles. As not many people live deep in the desert, it became animals’ world. While for some of them – like camels – human beings are friends, for others we are just intruders disturbing their peace.


Erg Chigaga or Erg Z’har? Natural beauty of our favourite places in the Sahara

A journey to the most spectacular big dunes grants not only stunning views, but also seeing many faces of the Sahara on the way.


Is there really nothing there?

A common question our friends ask is „what do you actually do in the desert?. It probably comes from a belief that “there is nothing there” which many people share. Let us clear this up a little.