Tips and travel advice are priceless when you travel to a place for the first time. Here you will find some basic recommendations about how to pack and when to come. For more, please feel free to contact us!


When to come?

Best time to come is October, November, February, March and April. These months you can expect comfortable temperatures – around 25-30°C in the daytime, and 10-15°C at night. It is always good to have light clothes with you for we are out most of the time, but also some warmer comfy things for the night time. You will find more information about how to pack here.

How to pack for a desert adventure?

Before setting off for a trip deeper in the desert from our base camp we recommend to sort things out and take only what’s necessary.

Our DreamTeam guides take care of all supplies and ABC’s: water, other beverages, food, including fruits and snacks, tents and blankets and we have a mobile shower with us, so the basics are provided. There are few things you will surely need with you:

  • Light long-sleeved and long-legged clothes to keep your skin covered
  • Scarf: always a useful item, be it to cover your head or arms, or use it as a pillow. You can always get a good quality material that nomads use in one of local shops in M’hamid
  • Good quality sandals / flip-flops, or light trekking shoes / sneakers
  • Sunscreen & lip balm
  • Sunglasses
  • Eye drops to cleanse your eyes in case of wind
  • Wipes – all kind of them will be useful
  • Power banks to keep your devices charged
  • Protection for your camera to keep the sand away
  • Sleeping bag, or just an insert (bag liner is enough for warm nights, and in case of temperature drop we always have many blankets with us to keep you warm)
  • Travel towel
  • Headlight
  • A small bag or backpack to have these things handy while walking

What do you actually do on a desert trip?

Enjoy the pure experience, of course! DreamTeam Caravan trips are all-inclusive, so you can let go of everything and dive into the desert’s charm while our guides take care of everything.
Navigating through sands of the Sahara, setting up a camp, making fire, finding water sources, leading camels in the caravan are parts of their everyday lives, not a touristic show. They are also great chefs, specialists in nomadic cuisine, so expect great meals served every day (breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks and a lot of tea, of course).

But – answering the question directly – first of all, we walk. Call it hiking, trekking, sightseeing, view hunting… We walk a lot. Usually 2-3 hours after breakfast to get to a nice place where we take rest in shadow while our great chefs make lunch followed by sweet Moroccan tea, cookies and fruits.
Then, after siesta, we usually walk another 2-3 hours to a place suitable for an overnight camping – by a well or near the trees, somewhere where we can get wood for the fire and nice view to wake up to. We keep the fire burning long into the night while sitting by, chatting, relaxing, singing and playing drums, enjoying the dinner, taking time to celebrate.

The great attraction of the desert are sunsets and sunrises, spectacular views of changing light every day, never the same, always fascinating. And when the night is warm enough, we sleep right on a dune under amazing starry night of the Sahara, watching shooting stars before falling asleep.
For shorter trips we use jeep as means of transport – it allows to get to Erg Chigaga in 90 minutes instead of 3,5 days walking. You will find more information about our desert trips itineraries here.

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