Morrocan mint tea – the ultimate treat

It is not possible to travel Morocco without at least few glasses of tea every day. It’s like visiting France without a glass of wine or Italy without ice cream

Morrocan mint tea– the ultimate treat

Tea in the desert is everywhere. Any occasion and lack of occasion is good to make one. When I first arrived in Morocco I thought it’s more about sugar than the tea itself, but after some time I realized that it’s this unchangeable mix of caffeine and sugars that make tea an everyday treat. Moroccan tea is super-strong and super-sweet. Nomads from the Sahara can survive the whole day on tea before they even eat something. This is their energy, their breakfast, lunch, and snack, their meal and dessert in one.

In nomadic homes everything is spinning around this little stove where one person – usually it’s the mother – puts barka, a teapot, on coals and takes care that there is always enough warm treat for everyone.