Mohamed Khidouma

The spirit and heart of DreamTeam. Also known as Chraika or Chef Moha. Fire starter and fire keeper. A man with the vision.

Mohamed Khidouma

He always knew what he wanted: to live a simple, happy life and spend good time with people. He knows every path, every star and every dune in Southern Morocco. He will lead you through unlimited Saharan space, show you where fennec the foxes live, entertain with desert stories, drum playing and singing, and feed you with the most amazing traditional nomadic meals.

He was born as the oldest son in a nomadic family and lived in the desert until beginning of education at the age of 7. Even then he continued his trips into the desert; as a boy, he used to take a donkey and bring wood for his family. To find more wood, he had to travel further and further – and this is how he got to know every square meter of the Moroccan desert.

He started to build Desert Camp Chraika from one simple tent 13 years ago, soon became a certified guide to the Sahara and formally registered his company. Every dirham earned, he saved for developing the camp and new gear for desert trips.

“The desert is my home and everyone is welcome here”, he likes to say.