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Private tours in Sahara – customized plans that will fulfill your dreams.

Probably the best desert trips you can imagine.

A path less traveled

The Sahara

Walking through unlimited space of the Sahara, watching the landscape changing, meeting other caravans, making tajines on fire and freshly baked bread every night, having lunch in the shade of the palm trees… This is the beauty and simplicity you can experience on our desert trips into Sahara.

Our guides understand desert laws and know every path here – their families have been living here for generations. They will guide you through the desert, allowing to enjoy the pure experience.

Don’t look further if you are looking for a safe, responsible way to explore the Sahara.

What’s essential
is invisible to the eye.

Whether you are looking for an adventurous, a romantic, or a spiritual experience – the desert has an answer. In its silent tranquility it becomes clear that there are matters still to be discovered – it is a place of meeting yourself and spending precious time with others.

Constant merging of elements of nature: fire, water, earth and wind is a beautiful spectacle. Being a part of it makes a perfect desert trip that for many became a life changing experience.



A desert journey grants not only stunning views, but also watching continuous landscape changes. It can be only a few hour walk between a hamada – rocky plateau, an oasis full of palm trees with river meandering between them, and ergs – areas of dunes as high as 300 metres.

The desert is still home to 40 families, living traditional nomadic life. It also hosts many unique species.

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Is there really nothing there?

« What do you actually do in the desert? » – our friends and guests often ask this question. « There is nothing there » – add others. This misconception about the space of the desert is shared by many people. Let us clear this up a little.


Erg Chigaga or Erg Z’har? Natural beauty of our favourite places in the Sahara

A journey to the most spectacular big dunes grants not only stunning views, but also seeing many faces of the Sahara on the way.

cuisine & culture

In course of centuries of living in demanding climate of the Sahara, nomadic tribes learnt to support each other and praise merits of life. One of them is developed cuisine.

Food in the desert is simple – as simple is living here – and at the same time delicious, worth celebrating. In these exceptional conditions people have developed recipes based mostly on meat and vegetables.

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The longest lunch ever

When a nomadic family comes for lunch, don’t be surprised if they show up before noon and leave after sunset, taking time for a little nap in the meantime.


How to say hello in the desert

The ritual of greeting is one of the most consistent in rich culture of the Moroccan Sahara. For an European exchanging a dozen or so adverbs with the same meaning may seem long and unnecessary, but for a nomad it’s absolutely crucial to start any further conversation.

and People

In the heart of DreamTeam Caravan company lies our home – Desert Camp Chraika, a place where our desert trips start and to which we return. It’s located a 15 minute walk from village M’hamid, in the area of small dunes.

Our clay huts with comfy beds and traditional Saharawi decoration will keep you cool in the day and warm at night. Delicious Moroccan breakfast is always provided and included in the price of stay.


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Mohamed Khidouma

The spirit and heart of DreamTeam. Also known as Chraika or Chef Moha. Fire starter and fire keeper. A man with the vision.


Agata Orowiecka—Khidouma

Cultural anthropologist, journalist, traveler with years of experience in hospitality. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, travelled all over the world for many years, staying for longer in north Scotland, India and now – Morocco.


Desert Camp Chraika

Started 13 years ago from just one small tent, Desert Camp Chraika gradually grew into a proper base camp for any trip deeper in the desert.

Welcome to the journey.


Wish to spend romantic time under the Sahara sky? Learn how to survive in the desert? Get acquainted with Berber culture? Learn to cook traditional dishes of nomadic cuisine? Run a yoga workshop in the desert? This is the right place!

We specialize in organizing desert trips and planning itineraries for Southern Morocco, where we cooperate with co-working guides.

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All our desert trips are specially tailored to needs of our guests, all-inclusive and fully equipped by the DreamTeam Caravan team. As we are more than happy to share what we consider luxuries of this place – space and silence, beauty of wild nature – we keep our prices affordable. Below you will find examples and average costs.



Tips and travel advice are priceless when you travel to a place for the first time. Here you will find some basic recommendations about how to pack and when to come to the desert. For more, please feel free to contact us!

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How to get
to Desert Camp Chraika?

The camp is located a 15 minute walk south from M’hamid. The village is well connected to major cities: Marrakech and Agadir. If you travel by bus, there are detailed schedules on companies’ websites: ctm.ma and supratours.ma. The buses are air-conditioned, with seat location and comfortable, usually with two stops for meals on the way.

You will find both direct connections to M’hamid and to Zagora, a town 90 km before M’hamid. In Zagora it is easy to get a shared taxi from a taxi stand near the mosque. We can also arrange a taxi or a pick-up for you.

Whether travel by bus or a car, we recommend to include some overnight stays on the way. There are beautiful places to see here, and we are more than happy to help you planning. The nearest airport is Zagora (OZG) where local companies fly.

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