In course of centuries of living in demanding climate of the Sahara, nomadic tribes learnt to support each other and praise merits of life. One of them is developed cuisine.

Food in the desert is simple – as simple is living here – and at the same time delicious, worth celebrating. In these exceptional conditions people have developed recipes based mostly on meat and vegetables.

The desert


Desert tour etiquette: kindness

In demanding climate of the Sahara desert human kindness is the highest virtue. Everyone you meet on your way is your friend.


How to say hello in the desert

The ritual of greeting is one of the most consistent in rich culture of the Moroccan Sahara. For an European exchanging a dozen or so adverbs with the same meaning may seem long and unnecessary, but for a nomad it’s absolutely crucial to start any further conversation.


How to buy a good tajine

To make a good meal you need a good dish first. Make sure you buy a right one for your needs.


Morrocan mint tea – the ultimate treat

It is not possible to travel Morocco without at least few glasses of tea every day. It’s like visiting France without a glass of wine or Italy without ice cream


The longest lunch ever

When a nomadic family comes for lunch, don’t be surprised if they show up before noon and leave after sunset, taking time for a little nap in the meantime


How to make tajine?

There are numerous combinations of ingredients in tajines made by different chefs, in many regions in Morocco. Even tajine made by the same person tastes different every day.

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