All our tours start and end at Desert Camp Chraika, our base camp. It is located a 20 minute walk from village M’hamid, in the area of small dunes.

Who comes to stay with us, wakes up to the view of sand dunes, enjoys Moroccan breakfast served in warm morning sunshine and may participate in many activities.

Place & People


Desert Camp Chraika

Started in 2004 from just one small tent, Desert Camp Chraika gradually grew into a unique space for retreats as well as a proper base camp for any trip deeper in the desert.


Agata Orowiecka-Khidouma

A curious cultural anthropologist, traveler with years of experience in hospitality. She will help you create the best itinerary and guide you through the booking process.


Mohamed Khidouma – Chraika

The spirit and heart of DreamTeam. Also known as Chraika or Chef Moha. Fire starter and fire keeper. A man with the vision.

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