Walking with nomads and camels is a great chance to experience desert’s life – its culture, cuisine, as well as the Sahara’s natural diversity. Includes several hours of hiking every day, lunches in the shade of tamarisk trees and wild camping among the dunes.
Duration: flexible. Please find our best-selling itineraries here, or contact us to create your own.

Into the wild:
camel caravan with wild camping

This desert tour includes wild camping and hiking, giving a chance to experience desert’s endless space, silence and pure, undamaged nature. You will be walking several hours a day in a caravan with nomads and their camels, with a break for lunch and siesta in a shade of a tree.

Camels will carry your luggage and the whole equipment needed. Those who would get tired may also ride a camel. Tents, all camping gear and food / water supplies are provided.

Tajines made on fire, bread baked in hot ashes and unforgettable Moroccan mint tea will be the every day treat. 

Many of our guests describe it as an unforgettable and the best experience in Morocco. Please, check the Reviews page to see how our guests describe their experience.

Here are some examples of routes – our most popular itineraries, which are fully flexible – possible to change, reduce or extend. If you are looking to creating your own plan, feel free to Contact us – we will be happy to provide more ideas.

Check how to get ready for a desert adventure here.

Into the wild

Wild dunes of Bertam

One night in the desert:
camel trekking to the dunes of Bertam

From €70 per person

A short, overnight tour to the dunes of about 100 metres height with a pleasant, green landscape around. It starts around 3-4 pm (depending on a season) and ends the next day by noon. Includes 2 hours of hiking each day.

What you will experience: walking in a caravan, cooking traditional tajine on the fire, baking bread in hot sand, camel rides, spending a night wild camping in the dunes, drums around the fire.

Into the wild

Erg Zahar Natural Reserve

4-day camel trekking to the
great dunes of Erg Zahar

From €280 per person

A great opportunity to leave the whole world behind and immerse yourself in desert’s serenity. 
You will start at Desert Camp Chraika – our base camp near M’hamid, at around 9 am and arrive back on the 4th day late afternoon.

What you will experience: walking in a caravan, camel rides, wild camping, tajine made on fire, bread baked in hot sand, visiting the marabou of Sidi Naji, spending the night among the great dunes, lunches under the tamarisk trees, drums around the fire.

The circuit is planned in such a way that neither people nor camels get too tired – you will walk 2-3 hours in the morning and another 2-3 hours in the afternoon, after lunch and siesta. The pic-nic style meals will be cooked and served in a shade of trees. Nights will be spent in wild places – camps set up by your guides. You will sleep in big traditional nomadic tents (accommodations up to 4 persons) or regular smaller ones.

Into the wild

Erg Chigaga & Sacred Oasis

Dive into the desert:
8-day/7-night camel trekking to Erg Chigaga

From €550 per person

The most wild and picturesque journey, covering over 120 kilometres hiking and 7 nights in remote places. You will start at 9 am from Desert Camp Chraika and end on the 8th day late afternoon.

What you will experience: walking in a caravan, 7 nights of wild camping, traditional tajine cooked on the fire, baking bread in hot sand, camel rides, lunches under the tamarisk trees, spending nights among the great dunes, sand boarding, taking showers by a well, playing drums around the fire.

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Desert by 4x4: jeep safari

From €80 per person
Reach the furthest, wild areas of the Moroccan desert in a short time, enjoying the off-road adventure. Ride a camel, visit nomads and Sacred Oasis, drive a Paris-Dakar route and the Draa Hamada. Drive through all types of the desert’s terrain to collect unforgettable memories.

Desert in a nutshell: camel trekking & jeep safari

From €150 for person
Experience the best of both nomadic culture and the beauty of the wild Sahara in its most remote areas. Camel caravan with wild camping followed by driving deeper by a 4x4 vehicle is an all-embracing journey that will satisfy your curiosity of both desert’s nature and culture.

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