Agata Orowiecka-Khidouma

Cultural anthropologist, journalist with years of experience in organizing trips and running B&B’s. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, travelled all over the world for many years, staying for longer in north Scotland, India and now – Morocco.

Agata Orowiecka—Khidouma

The desert became her second home once she arrived in Maghreb in January 2015. Looking at the map in one of Marrakech cafes, she and her friend spotted a place in Southern Morocco where the road ends and the great sands begin; it was M’hamid El Ghizlane, an oasis town, the last human settlement before the great sands of the Sahara. They instantly decided to go there.

After getting through cold mountains of High Atlas, still freezing, they sat in warm sunshine of the Sahara with fruit cocktails in their hands; this was the moment Agata fell in love with the desert and African sunshine. Then… she fell in love with Mohamed, and joined him in building his company. She takes care of communication and promotion, sometimes being a translator from nomadic to other world languages and cultures:)